Analogue sensor to CAN interface board we lovingly call the CANANA.

The FooBarEngineering CAN Analogue interface board (CANANA) is based on the proven WSL range of loggers and designed to interface sensors to the CAN bus.

The CANANA allows complicated looms to be reduced in wire count and complexity whilst also providing weight and cost reductions.

The standard CANANA supports 5 analogue inputs, 12 digital switch inputs and there are also 2 opto-isolated relays and 5 LED outputs with brightness control.

The CANANA is fitted with 4 solder blobs to allowing simple switching between up to 16 preset setups , allowing one pcb to be held in stores for up to 16 different applications, reducing the need for spares.

Further cost options include configurations of the 12 Digital inputs to be used as an additional 12 analogue inputs or wheel speed inputs and an in built logging function based on the WSL range of loggers.


Electrical Data

Supply Voltage 6.5Vdc to 18Vdc
Supply Protection Reverse and over voltage
Supply Current 100mA @ 12V
Temperature Range Operating -30°C to +60°C
Temperature Range Storage -20°C to +70°C

I/O Information

1x CAN   1Mbit, 512k, 256k, 128k software selectable, with 120 ohm selectable termination
6x Analogue input 0-5V range @ 100Hz, op amp interfaced input.
12x Analogue Switch Inputs 0-5V range @ 100Hz, with a pull-up resistor.
5x LED/relay drive Outputs 5V Anode supply with a 330Ohm series resistor, PWM controlled for brightness. Optional external supply of up to 50V.
1x 5V Excitation 300ma supply
2x Opto-Isolated Outputs   100ma opto-isolated relay controlled from configurable input.


1x USB (Debug use only) RS232 terminal for setup and in use testing/ offloading of data.


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